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Some information about the privacy policy.


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1. Sensitive user data related to the use of the website Haiku Connects Us are encrypted.

2. Creators of haiku on the website Haiku Connects Us have given their full consent for the publication of their work with data:

  • firstname
  • surname
  • country
  • created haiku
  • postcard background
  • handwritten haiku on postcard

3. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, sell haiku located on the website Haiku Connects Us without the prior consent of the creator of this haiku.

4. On website Haiku Connects Us it is not possible to create an account in order to log in, without consent the administrator of data and make by him account.

5. In order to edit or delete of the post with haiku, please notify to the administrator of data by report this haiku with the appropriate button in the post menu.

6. When reporting post with haiku you must not use vulgar language, make so-called spam, advertise.

7. Any errors that occurred while using the website Haiku Connects Us are recording and saving to provide you with a better website experience and possibility to fix errors.

8. Website Haiku Connects Us is provided as it is. Creators of this website are not be responsible for any damages while using website Haiku Connects Us